*** Self-proclaimed FAQ-Keeper: Bernd Liedke 2:2480/3199.9 ***

1. Intro
2. Questions and answers
3. Update of this FAQ

1. Intro

Q: Why this FAQ?
A: I can't stand it!

Q: Why is this FAQ so important?
A: Because, according to empirical studies based on AQUARIUM.GER,
no other problem is so important to the aquarium hobby.

Q: When is this FAQ posted?
A: As soon as someone even THINKS the word "snail".

2. Questions and answers

Q: I have too many snails. What should I do?
A: Throw in less dry food.

Q: I've heard that high voltage current helps against snails. Is that true?
A: Yes. It also helps against fish. Throw in less dry food.

Q: I have too many snails. Should I buy a puffer fish?
A: No. The puffer fish eats the snails first and then you.
Throw in less dry food.

Q: Supposedly it helps against snails if you collect snails and their spawn for 30 minutes
a day ...?
A: No. Put in less dry food.

Q: My pet shop recommends a canister of "Wasserterror"
against snails for only 198 marks. Should I buy that?
A: If you are prepared to drink a glass of it, yes.
Otherwise, put less dry food in it.

3. Update of this FAQ

Q: Can I help to expand this FAQ?
A: In principle, yes. Proceed as follows:
a) Write your question in the section 2.
b) Copy the answer from the first Q/A below.
c) Save the text.
d) Take the answer to heart.
e) Delete the text.