Aquarium Plants / Christel Kasselmann

Aquarium Plants

  • Hardcover
  • 640 pages
  • 838 color photos
  • Self-published
  • 1. Edition (2019)
  • Size: 24.2 × 4.3 × 17.8 cm

This color atlas “Aquarium Plants” offers a unique collection of about 750 aquatic and marsh plants. More than 500 aquarium plants are presented in detailed portraits and information is given on a further 250 species, cultivars and growth forms.
The book focuses in detail on the natural habitats of aquatic and marsh plants and their successful cultivation and propagation in the aquarium. Important topics are temperature, light, substrate, water as well as flower biology and morphology and the right choice of plants for the design of planted aquariums. This book is indispensable for aquarists, plant enthusiasts and botanists.
With 838 color pictures and 640 pages, this standard reference book on aquarium plants is unrivalled worldwide.
Translated from the popular 2019 revised, fourth German edition.

Christel Kasselmann is regarded as the expert for aquarium plants. On more than 60 expeditions to the tropics, she has studied aquatic plants in their natural habitats and collected ecological data to achieve better cultivation results.
Kasselmann has written over 400 articles and several books about aquarium plants. She has, with very few exceptions, kept all listed species in her own aquariums or researched them in their natural environment.
The author was editor of the German aquatic plant magazine Aqua Planta for many years and is on the editorial board of several aquaristic magazines.

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