Zueflo - Grower-Flakes with Spirulina and Octopus

Zueflo - Robert Guggenbuehl's Top Aquaristics Grower-Flakes with Spirulina and Octopus

General information

Robert Guggenbuehl (Honorary President of Aquaria St. Gallen, Chairman of DCG Switzerland) wrote following report in the journal DATZ:

"My chichlids and killi fish in nearly 40 tanks want to be fed appropriate to their species. Moreover, the wild species which I caught during my tropical journeys are much more sophisticated than fish born in captivity."

Therefore, his long-time dedication to feeding fish in tanks has led to a developing idea of producing a high-qality food which is still affordable.
He tried to do without artificial colourants and flavourings. For a good durability, he added high doses of Vitamin C and E. In order to cover as many different proteins as possible, many different sources are combined.

Those different sources of protein promise good growth. By adding canthaxanthin as colourant, the pigments in fish will develop an intensified red, but also yellow, green and blue colour.

Meanwhile I have a three-year experience with this product. The fish have a beautiful colour, grow well and are very healthy. The high-quality ingredients are utilized very well and therefore strain the water less than cheap food which contains a high amount of undigestable ingredients.


Food type Nature-identical main food for all fish in tanks
Target group Small and medium-sized fish in tanks
Conservation form, heating conditions Flake food, dried
Producer Interquell
Minimum durability 12 months after production, in sealed packages up to 36 months
Ingredients (in decreasing weight proportion) wheat flour, fish meal, wheat gluten, spirulina (5,5 %), dried yeast, gelatine, shrimps, squid meal (1,15 %), dried seaweed, fish oil
Packed weight ca. 80 - 120 g/l
Manufacturer Reg. No. DE-BY-1-00078

Ingredients and additives

Crude protein 43.0 %
Crude fat 5.0 %
Crude fibre 3.0 %
Crude ash 10.5 %
Vitamin A 30,000 I.E./kg
Vitamin D3 2,000 I.E./kg
Vitamin E 300 mg/kg
Vitamin C, stabilized 150 mg/kg
Canthaxanthin 100 mg/kg


Sprinkle small amounts onto water daily, do not use too much.

As we do not add any attractants, scents of flavourings, it is possible that the fish might hesitate to eat the flakes, especially when they were used to food with additives. You need to be a little bit patient here; after 2 - 3 days this hesitation will fade. You can also make the change easier by blending in preferred food (e.g. frosted bloodworms) in the beginning.


Ellen Thaler (University Innsbruck), Andreas Spreinat, several Swiss breeders


Robert Guggenbuehl, DATZ 56(7), 63 (2003).

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26 December 2015 09:53

Meine Südamerikaner sind fit u...

Meine Südamerikaner sind fit und sehr gesund. Seit Jahren keine Krankheit im Becken.

14 February 2017 10:41

Super Futter, wird gern gefres...

Super Futter, wird gern gefressen

3 February 2017 11:03

Gute Waren. Gerne wieder. Herz...

Gute Waren. Gerne wieder. Herzlichen Dank.

14 January 2017 11:17

Sehr beliebt bei allen Fischen...

Sehr beliebt bei allen Fischen

15 December 2016 22:05

Flocken könnten noch größer se...

Flocken könnten noch größer sein sonst alles bestens.

15 December 2016 09:20

Tolles Trockenfutter, die Fisc...

Tolles Trockenfutter, die Fische lieben es.

8 May 2013 16:08

gutes Futter ohne Zusatzstoffe...

gutes Futter ohne Zusatzstoffe.

13 December 2012 23:48

Hallo zusammen, in einem 200 L...

Hallo zusammen, in einem 200 L Becken halte ich Zitronensalmler, blaue Neons, schwarze Neons, ein paar Antennenwelse, Prachtschmerle und ein Päärchen Königscichliden. Seit dem 15.10. füttere ich abwechselnd Frostfutter (weniger) und die Züflo von Drak. Das Ergebnis spricht für sich. Deutlicher Farbzuwachs ist zu erkennen. Dieses Futter kann ich wirklich nur weiterempfehlen !!

7 May 2013 00:58

Sehr gute und gesunde Alternat...

Sehr gute und gesunde Alternative zu dem handelsüblichen Fischfutter. Meinen Fischen hat es auf Anhieb geschmeckt.

7 March 2017 04:39

Wie beschrieben, alles bestens...

Wie beschrieben, alles bestens.


Measuring spoon small not graduated 60 mm long
Measuring spoon 0.1 or 0.3 ml not graduated 60 mm long for example to measure and dispense small amounts of fertilizer or water hardener

From €0.69*

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