Spirulina Micro Algae Powder

The unique feature of Spirulina platensis is its high protein content; the high ratio of (essential) amino acids and the high percentage of valuable (unsaturated) fatty acids shows the high nutritious valence of this alga.
The positive effect on the colouring of fish being fed with spirulina is et. al. the high carotenoid content (up to 1,700 mg/kg - carrots “only” have 120 mg/kg).
As the cell walls of blue algae, contrary to higher plants, do not consist of indigestible cellulose, but of mucopolysaccharides, they are also very easily digestible.

These characteristics are the reason why it is very good for young fish, can be used as an additional nutrient for fish of all ages, shrimps and a supplement for self-mixed fish food. And it is also suitable for all other fish (not only herbivores).

Originally spirulina derives from the soda lakes in subtropical regions (no seaweed), it is therefore cultivated world-wide in individual climate zones within a strongly alkaline environment.


Raw protein 60.4 %
Carbohydrates 12.6 %
Raw fat 4.9 %
Raw fibre 8.5 %
Raw ash 8.0 %
Moisture max. 5.6 %

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15 March 2013 15:40

Top Qualität, Top Preis-Leistu...

Top Qualität, Top Preis-Leistungsverhältnis

15 October 2013 07:28

Sehr gute Ware...

Sehr gute Ware

12 March 2014 08:48

Ideal für die Zucht bestimmter...

Ideal für die Zucht bestimmter Welsarten

27 May 2014 23:56

Ich benütze das Produkt zur Au...

Ich benütze das Produkt zur Aufzucht meiner Artemien. Klasse Produkt, werde ich wieder kaufen

24 March 2015 08:54

Alles bestens!...

Alles bestens!

15 December 2016 09:20

Super Qualität!...

Super Qualität!

22 June 2020 18:22

Meine Garnelen und Schnecken s...

Meine Garnelen und Schnecken sind begeistert

21 February 2023 00:46

Sehr empfehlenswert

Verwende ich zur Herstellung eigener Caridina - Futterchips. Einzelbewertung daher schwierig. Muss aber alles o.k. sein, die Garnelen/Schnecken finden es schmackhaft. Oder es liegt an an den Bio-Erbsen ;-)

20 January 2024 14:03

Sehr gutes Futter

Für jung Fische und Garnelen gut geeignet

Feeding hints: Self-made Food Sticks

For a long time, I puzzled and experimented, trying to find the simplest way (without making the water cloudy) of feeding spirulina to my prawns.


Measuring spoon small not graduated 60 mm long
Measuring spoon 0.1 or 0.3 ml not graduated 60 mm long for example to measure and dispense small amounts of fertilizer or water hardener

From €0.69*
Measuring spoon 10 ml white
Measurement and dosage of our water hardeners and mineral salts

From €0.79*

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