Reference solution / Standard green for CO2 dual chamber long term tests

  • Does not change colour
  • For all dual chamber long-term tests
  • Perfect for optimal CO2 levels in the aquascape
  • Reliable determination of CO2 levels

DRAK CO2 reference solution is placed in the reference chamber of the dual chamber CO2 tester. The chamber is then sealed. The reference solution only works in contrast to the indicator liquid. It cannot be used alone to determine CO2 levels. The reference solution will show the same colour as an indicator liquid, such as the DRAK-Check solution for long-term CO2 testing, when the target value is reached in the aquarium water. When the indicator liquid is exactly the same colour as the reference solution, the target level has been reached.

Suitable for indicator solutions with a target value of 20 and 30 mg/l.

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