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Green HDPE plastic grid

This plant grid is ideal for making moss and plant walls (e.g. for planting perching plants - epiphytes). It can also be used to make plant baskets, spawning boxes, juvenile fish boxes or spawning grids.
Fish and invertebrates are not endangered by the material, as it has no sharp edges and therefore there is no risk of injury. Because of its green colouring, it is visually very inconspicuous. It can also be used as a protective mat in the substrate for burrowing fish.

The grid is available as a 1 metre wide roll and is delivered in the ordered quantity in one piece. One running metre corresponds to 1 m².

The approx. 1.5 mm thick threads are fully welded together at the knots, so the plastic mesh is extraordinarily dimensionally stable and stretch-resistant. Nevertheless, it can be easily cut with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife.
The grid is made entirely of extruded HDPE plastic (without a metal grid frame) and therefore does not release any harmful substances into the water. This is why the material used is also resistant to dilute acids and alkalis, as well as being lightfast and leach-resistant due to the fact that it is completely coloured through.

Use outside of aquaristics

In the home and garden, it can be used as a light fence grille, partition grille, leaf guard grille, vole guard grille, runner grille in the rearing of young birds, protective grille in flower pots and in many other areas. It is also often used to protect scratch-sensitive surfaces during storage, as it is also very pressure-resistant.

Mesh size

5 mm

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