AQUA-NOA pH gel electrode with BNC connector

  • Quality electrode for all common pH controllers and pH meters with BNC connector
  • gel electrode
  • Protective cap filled with storage solution
  • 1.5 m cable length
  • Measuring range: pH 0.00 - 14.00
  • Temperature: 0 - 50 °C

This pH electrode or combination electrode, as it is correctly called in technical jargon, is well suited both for continuous measurement on the pH controller and for individual measurement on the pH meter for a range of aquariums.

Necessary care and accessory items such as cleaning and calibration solutions can also be found here. We have linked these items for you in the »Accessories« tab.

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20 September 2020 17:53


Funktioniert sehr gut mit dem GHL Profilux 3.


Electrode holder Acryl Profi 3 for 2 electrodes
Stable transparent acrylic glass holder for secure attachment of 2 electrodes (e.g. pH, redox, temp.) in any aquarium!

€12.95* €14.95* (13.38% saved)
previously €14.95*
Potassium chloride solution for redox and pH combination electrodes
Refilling and maintaining of standard pH and Redox combination electrodes (3 molar resp. 4 molar). Not for refilling of gel electrodes!

Content: 0.05 Litre (€105.00* / 1 Litre)

Cleaning solution with thiourea - Diaphragm cleaner

Removal of silver sulfide deposits in the diaphragm of electrodes

Variants from €5.95*
Electrode Holder Basic
Stable holder for securely fastening the pH electrode in the aquarium!

Electrode Holder Profi
Stable holder for securely fastening the pH electrode in the aquarium!

Pepsin based cleaning solution - Protein remover
For the removal of deposits containing protein from pH and redox electrodes

Content: 0.1 Litre (€109.50* / 1 Litre)

Variants from €5.95*
pH Buffer Solutions (4, 7 and 9)
For Calibration of pH Electrodes. Precise and reproducible PH measurements are only possible when calibration is carried out regularly and carefully.

Variants from €5.95*
Test tube 100 × 16 mm Ø
Simple test tube with flanged rim. Very suitable to calibrate diverse electrodes buffer-economically.


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