Pepsin based cleaning solution - Protein remover

Over time, the display of pH and redox electrodes can be increasingly sluggish. In addition to the inevitable aging of the electrode itself, various deposits from the test sample, which affect diaphragm and glass electrodes, also contribute their part.

An acidic pepsin*-based cleaning solution quickly and thoroughly removes deposits based on protein (for measurements in the aquarium, proteins are virtually always present because of the degradation of feed). First, place the electrode into the cleaning solution for about 1 - 2 hours, then condition it for about 15 minutes in one of our potassium chloride solutions, finally re-calibrate it.

Store in a cool place (4 - 10 °C).

*Pepsin is an acid-activated, protein-degrading enzyme, which is also produced in the human stomach.


Test tube 100 × 16 mm Ø
Simple test tube with flanged rim suitable for pH electrodes


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