CO₂ pressure regulator Profi

  • For standard refillable bottles with valve W 21.8×1/14"
  • 2 pressure gauges for working and cylinder pressure
  • Precision needle valve for fine adjustment of the bubble rate
  • Working pressure adjusting screw
  • Safety valve (overpressure valve )
  • Connector for standard 4/6 mm hoses

A high quality and reliable professional pressure regulators of European production for the supply of aquariums with CO₂. The AQUA-NOA professional pressure reducer is equipped with 2 pressure gauges on which the working pressure and cylinder pressure can be read. The display for the cylinder pressure indicates when the cylinder has to be changed. The working pressure of this CO₂ pressure reliever can be easily and continuously adjusted, which is particularly important for diffusers that require a higher pressure. The integrated fine needle valve is used for fine adjustment of the CO₂ quantity and thus the bubble rate.

We recommend a working pressure of 0.8 - 1.2 bar for common CO₂ reactors and diffusers or bubble counters. Few devices with an increased back pressure such as direct hose injectors or some non-return valves need a little more pressure, then you can set up to 2 bar. If the CO₂ supply can only be adjusted poorly and irregularly, to remedy this problem please increase the working pressure carefully in 0.1 bar steps until the addition is possible steadily.

When changing the cylinder, please check the seal and replace it with a suitable spare part if necessary.

Modern design and sophisticated safety - European brand product with secure spare parts supply.

Version MVR

In addition to basic version M1, a permanently mounted solenoid valve including non-return valve is already included.

Technical data for solenoid valve (tabular)

  • 1.6 m connecting pipe with shock-proof plug
  • Electrical power supply: 230 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 3.5 VA open
  • Orifice: 1.0 mm, NBR seal
  • 100 % duty cycle (suitable for continuous operation)
  • Closed when currentless
  • Allowed temperature of medium: -10 - 90 ºC
  • Max. ambient temperature: 55 ºC
  • Protection category IP65 (dustproof and protected against waterjets)
  • Insulation class F (155 °C) with plug screwed on
  • Max. pressure difference: 16 bar

The connecting pipe can also be rotated by 180° without any problem. Therefore, the fixing screw has to be loosened, the electical connection has to be plugged off, rotated by 180° and put on again. Do not forget to screw tightly!

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5 September 2022 02:28

bin unzufrieden und Herr Dr. war bei einer tel. Rücksprache auch nicht besonders hilfsbereit.

gegenüber früheren Druckminderen von DRAK habe ich diesen nie dicht bekommen. weder mit weichen noch harten Dichtungen.

Our feedback: Ich verwahre mich entschieden gegen den Vorwurf, nicht hilfsbereit zu sein. Das traf auch in diesem Fall nicht zu.In der mir vorliegenden Kommunikation (anderes als geschildert per E-Mail) wurden von meiner Seite eine Reihe von einfachen Lösungsvorschlägen für das Dichtigkeitsproblem aufgezählt sowie einige Punkte angesprochen, um abzuklären, ob ein Bedienfehler oder ein technischer Defekt vorliegt. Eine Überprüfung beim Hersteller wurde ebenfalls vorsorglich angeboten.Wenn sich ein Defekt heraus gestellt hätte, so hätte ich sicher eine befriedigende Lösung für den Kunden gefunden. Allerdings war die letzte Nachricht des Kunden dazu: „Damit haben Sie mein Problem gelöst, Vielen Dank !” Danach habe ich den Fall geschlossen und bis zur heutigen, aus meiner Sicht unzutreffenden Bewertung auch seit 20 Monaten nichts mehr dazu gehört.


PU High pressure hose 6/4 mm
For pressure-resistant and gas-proof connections

Variants from €2.29*
DRAK CO₂ Magnetic valve
To control the CO₂ addition

CO₂ seal 2-pack for pressure regulator Profi
For standard refillable bottles with valve W 21.8×1/14"


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