CO2 glass diffuser Nano 2in1

Diffusers are basically vents for CO2 gas in the aquarium and serve as an alternative to “flippers” and other such reactors. They are used to atomise CO2 into very fine bubbles that dissolve almost completely in the water. As a result, carbon dioxide is dissolved very effectively in the water, there are hardly any losses and the bottles last longer.

The visually appealing AQUA-NOA diffusers are made of glass with a high-quality ceramic membrane. This allows you to utilise the necessary, but previously often disruptive technology as a design element. This aquascaping trend of integrating all elements of the aquarium into the design has now become widespread in the aquarium hobby.

Scope of delivery

  • Glass diffuser Nano 2in1 with high-quality ceramic membrane and non-return valve
  • For normally planted aquariums up to approx. 80 litres
  • For heavily planted aquariums up to approx. 60 litres
  • 2 transparent suction cups for attachment
  • Height of the cup: 40 mm
  • Diameter of the membrane: 20 mm
  • Total height: 130 mm
  • Suitable for pressurised gas cylinders
  • Suitable for commercially available 4/6 mm hoses*

Assembly tips

Break-sensitive glassware such as our diffusers should always be connected to the hoses very carefully:

  • Do not exert great pressure on the glass to prevent breakage
  • Heat the tubing in a water bath beforehand so that it expands and softens
  • Moisten the glass connections beforehand so that the tubing can be pushed on more easily
  • Silicone tubing is recommended for short lengths of tubing (e.g. inside the aquarium). This type of tubing is very soft and is therefore easier to connect and, if necessary, can also be fitted in tighter bends

*Silicone tubing is softer and more flexible than standard tubing and is therefore particularly suitable for glassware.

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