Barley Straw Pellets in Drawstring Bag

Biological Algae Control in Aquarium & Garden Pond

With the DRAK barley straw pellets you can take action against filamentous and floating algae in pond and aquarium in a natural and biological way without using poisons that are harmful to fish and plants.
Among other things, the barley straw promotes the development of beneficial micro-organisms (such as paramecium), which in turn feed on algae and their spores. In addition, the pellets cause a slight yellowing of the water, thus somewhat reducing the amount of light in the water and thus hindering algae growth. Both effects work synergetically, i.e. they reinforce each other and thus make life difficult for the algae. Higher plants (aquatic plants) are hardly affected, gain the upper hand over the algae over time and then contribute their own part to algae prophylaxis by directly consuming algae-promoting nutrients.

The DRAK Barley Straw Pellets are pressed from organically grown barley straw by a high-pressure extruder process. Fish and other aquatic life are not harmed by the active substances released. On the contrary, the developing micro-organisms serve as food for the fish fry and, if present, for fish food animals such as mosquito larvae and water fleas.


The pellets are supplied ready for use in a drawstring bag made of fine-meshed filter gauze and can therefore be used directly. Please note that the filter bags must never be filled to the brim, as the pellets swell strongly due to water absorption and can otherwise cause the bags to tear. Please place the filled bags directly into the filter chamber or place it at a place with a good flow.
Replace the old pellets with fresh ones every 3 months. The used material can be disposed of in the compost or organic waste bin without any problems; the net bag, if you cannot use it any further, belongs in the residual waste.

Barley straw only works in the long term, but sustainably! The algae will not be gone the next day or the day after - you should therefore have some patience.

Package contents

1 litre barley straw pellets in a 1.5 litre drawstring bag sufficient for 1500 litres of water.
1 litre corresponds to approx. 0.6 kg (the weight is not binding, as it depends on the residual moisture of the pellets).

For smaller volumes of water, some of the dry pellets can be removed from the net bag and stored dry for later use.

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